Wisconsin Active Together is a program of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin that provides recognition and support to community groups or coalitions that demonstrate a commitment to make it easier for people to walk, bike and be active. 

Walk, Ride, and Roll your Way to a Thriving Community! 


  • Be recognized for your community's commitment and progress in advancing active strategies while working towards greater policy change.

  • This is something to unite people across the street and across the state. 

  • Get connected to resources, training, peer communities, and other experts working in the state.

  • By advancing strategies for safe places to walk, bike, and be active from program to policy change, you’ll help foster health in your community.

  • Join in to work locally while being part of something larger happening across Wisconsin.

the communities

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Active Together Communities. Get to know them on their Community pages.


Get recognized for your community's progress and commitment to making it easier to walk, bike and be active.

Ready to get started?


Use the resources below to take stock of the amazing things you are already doing in your community and decide what's next to advance from program to policy changes.


Stay tuned for announcements of new communities joining WI Active Together ranks and future application rounds!

Application Support and Resources

Take a look at the full application below or download here to share with partners before applying above. 


Information and details on each of the WI Active Together strategies in the Community Strategy and Resource Guide. 


Not sure what's next for your community to be Active Together?

Or need support on your application?



Supporters of Wisconsin Active Together


We are a group of diverse partners working to promote healthy, thriving communities where people can easily and safely walk, ride a bike and be physically active.

​We want to recognize and support communities for their commitment to health through growing and promoting their places to walk, bike and be active. 

As sponsors of the campaign, we aim to foster local-level implementation and promote a framework moving communities from program to policy change. Along the way, we will coordinate support to include: coaching, peer networking, and in person and virtual trainings, among other resources.  

Wisconsin Active Together Partners  
We would love for communities to learn about Wisconsin Active Together, uniting people across the street and across the state, and doing everything we can to promote physical activity to foster health.



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