Active Wisconsin is a statewide group of multidisciplinary partners and community-based coalitions working together to build an equitable and sustainable active transportation system for all. Active Wisconsin takes great pride in the grassroots nature of our work, which is fueled by local contributors and coalitions. Whether we’re sharing resources, planning new trails, or advocating for more bike, pedestrian, and transit funding, we’re all trying to make it easier for Wisconsinites to walk, bike and be active.

Active Wisconsin is a program of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, a statewide land use planning and transportation organization. Transit and active transportation advocacy have been a cornerstone of 1000 Friends' work for more than 20 years. This history of successfully building and mobilizing support for transit, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure makes 1000 Friends a perfect fit for Active Wisconsin.

Active Wisconsin is committed to building an equitable active transportation system and to making the link between active transportation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, healthier communities, and the boost it provides to local economies.

Whether you’d like to join Active Wisconsin or apply to become a WAT community (or both!), we welcome new members to our grassroots network, to grow our collective impact locally and statewide.  If you have any questions about getting involved, go to the “Join” tab.


The Wisconsin Active Communities Alliance started in 2012, when local coalition members from around the state decided they needed a statewide active community effort, something that was missing from state government and agencies. WACA’s collaborative and grassroots spirit remains an important part of Active Wisconsin today.

The Wisconsin Active Together network was formed in 2017 in response to a major revision of the statewide Complete Streets law and repeal of eminent domain for bike and pedestrian infrastructure. WAT was created to build a grassroots response to these statewide setbacks, by recognizing communities for their efforts to make active living safer and more accessible for community members.

In 2020, the WACA and WAT networks merged under the leadership of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin to form Active Wisconsin.  The WAT recognition program continues under new leadership with the same goals -- we would be happy to have your community join us!

Wisconsin Active Together Partners

We are a group of diverse partners working to promote healthy, thriving communities where people can easily and safely walk, ride a bike and be physically active.

​We recognize and support communities for their commitment to health through growing and promoting their places to walk, bike and be active. 

As program manager, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin aims to foster local-level implementation and promote a framework moving communities from program to policy change. At the same time, we will coordinate support to include: advocacy, education, peer networking, and community engagement resources.  


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Active Wisconsin is a program of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin