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What is Wisconsin Active Together?

Wisconsin Active Together is an initiative that provides recognition awards to any community group or coalition that is making it easier for people to walk, bike and be active and meets basic criteria to demonstrate that commitment. 


What are the benefits of participating in Wisconsin Active Together? 


By being a part of Wisconsin Active Together, community partnerships and coalitions will gain the following tangible and intangible benefits:

  • An official recognition award as a Wisconsin Active Together Community; 

  • An individual profile page on the Wisconsin Active Together website that highlights the great work that they are already doing to create a local culture where more people can easily and safely walk, bike and be active;

  • Access to the Wisconsin Active Together logo; 

  • Connections to resources, training, peer and other experts working on similar issues; 

  • Inspiration for local residents and leaders to better understand and support coalition efforts;

  • Resources and expertise from a bigger network of local communities doing this work together and supportive state-wide partners;

  • Future benefits and incentives to be envisioned and developed as Wisconsin Active Together grows.



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1000 Friends of Wisconsin 

16 N. Carroll St. Suite 800
Madison, WI 53703


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